5 Health Hacks for 2017

Healthy resolutions can be difficult to maintain. Finding time for the gym, having the right foods on hand for meals, resisting cravings... It can be hard! But we've put together some easy "hacks" to make staying healthy year-round easier:
Brushing Teeth - Bacteria in your mouth can be inhaled and lead to infections in your lungs. Avoid getting sick by brushing and flossing twice per day to remove plaque and excess bacteria. See your dentist at least once per year for a complete cleaning.
Hydrate - Hydration is especially important if you are working outside or performing strenuous work. If you are ill, or work indoors where central heat dries you out, stay on top of your hydration. You can 'spike' your water with available supplements to aid your body's hydration. Add a slice of lemon for flavor and a spike of Vitamin C. 
Sleep - A well-rested body will fight off illness better and help keep you alert and focused during the day. If you need help falling asleep, wear socks and gloves! Researchers have found that warm feet and hands aid in falling to sleep quicker. If you wake during the night, don't look at the clock. Thinking about the time can increase anxiety, and make sleep difficult again.
Sun - Try to get outside and get 10-20 minutes of unfiltered sun and some vitamin D during the day. Vitamin D aids in sleep (see above), lower blood pressure, and stronger bones. All the more reason to enjoy that walk and soak in some rays!
Healthy Snacks - Keeping fruit, granola bar, nuts, or jerky with your or in your desk will reduce poor food choices. A vitamin packed alternative to a candy bar will leave you feeling better with no sugar rush or crash later. For an inexpensive, homemade snack, try this recipe for cinnamon vanilla granola.
Staying healthy is easy with a few simple tips and tricks. In this new year, we hope you accomplish all of your goals and resolutions. Happy New Year!

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